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Monday, February 27, 2006
silhouette mosaic

Woo hoo! More fun with the Mosaic Maker. I have been trying to take my camera with me everywhere, and I find that I can't stop taking pictures of still dormant trees silhouetted against the sky. Some of these pictures do have leaves, but most are just the structure of the tree and the usually grey sky. Ah, springtime in Portland.
4 comments on "tree mosaic"
  1. I love your tree mosaic! And I love the lamp in the lower left corner. Do you get to pick placement or does the mosaic maker randomly choose?

  2. Thank you! Bec pointed out to me that not all of these trees are in portland -- there's two from the beach, two from Mendocino, and a couple from Eugene.

    You can sort of control the placement -- you have to have them in a set, and then the program will line them up in whatever order you have them in. So if you chose a 3X3 grid, it would pick the first nine and so on. You should try it! It's fun. You could make some really cool China mosaics...

  3. What a rare and wondrous square.

    Instant wallpaper candidate.

    Enormous fun to explore this, it's like one o'them gifts that keeps on giving...

    Oddly I keep wanting to put my forefinger on the lamp and move it, checker-like, around the board.
    And then I guess if you hit the right combination of moves...

    (big bright colorful autumn leaves fly out)

  4. That would be a cool trick! Maybe as spring advances I'll get some pictures with leaves and by then there will be some way to animate...

    Anyway I'm glad you like it. It was fun to make, although I did just sort of throw the pictures in the set with minimal arranging -- I could probably make it a little more balanced, but I think I'll probably just leave it as is.


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