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Monday, February 06, 2006
I have been in the midst of project re-paint the bathroom for the past week. It seems like longer -- eons longer, continental drift longer, been born and reborn 7 times longer. I have primer in my lungs and 3 pair of pants that now list latex paint as 50% of their fiber content. I think (fingers crossed) that Monday will be the day I can put everything away and say "it is done enough." Little did I know when I started that this would be 5 times as complicated as my other recent room-painting project. As always, I blame HGTV for giving me ideas. And the weather.

Here are some tips if you are contemplating a painting project:

1) don't get too worked up if you get blood on stuff. If you're painting, it will probably get covered up anyway.

2) don't put the bandaids too far away

3) however long you think it will take, add another 3 days (minimum!) to account for things like waiting for paint to dry, the drill battery to charge, and cleaning up the paint the cat tracked all over the house.

4) If every single person you encounter on a particular day seems to be unbelievably pissy and determined to anger you, it might not be them. (it COULD be -- it just might not be.)

5) If I say I want to paint something else in the next three months, will someone just please hit me on the head with a paint bucket until that feeling goes away? (although I have been thinking about the floor in my bedroom...)
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