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Sunday, May 07, 2006
I am in a rotten mood. It is that evil combination of restless, agitated, and absent of any idea for a solution. Also, I think I had too many nachos at lunch so I feel GROSS on top of the rotten, restless, agitated, and NO IDEAS. I almost never say this, but I HOPE IT IS PMS. I'm sure that it is no coincidence that I'm in the middle of a massive purge of STUFF, (getting rid of stuff: the dark side) so any kind of serenity in my surroundings is absent until I get it finished. In addition: every CD is the wrong one to listen to, I have a massive blister on my right heel, and the cats are bugging me (but honestly, at this point, what's not?). MONDAY -- you are on NOTICE. You don't have to be very good at all to top what Sunday has handed out.
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  1. Whoa! Coincidentally, I have been growling and barking all afternoon. But I think I know why--the dismal weather and politics. So I have gone a diet from CNN and we are blowing this taco stand.......Might I recommend The Mysterious Production of Eggs?

  2. Good call! I've been relying on Franz Ferdinand because they are snotty and aggro (which coincided PERFECTLY with my mood), but I can feel it burning off now and something gentler might be called for.
    I hope your day improves as well.

  3. I was in a crappy mood the other day and I found that a haagen dazs chocolate with dark chocolate ice cream bar did me wonders! And the sage words of Marlys: "If you are in a bad mood just remember it will always go away".
    I know what you mean, too, about even music being annoying. Sometimes a nap is best in those cases, if possible. Glad to hear it's already starting to burn off!

  4. Saw Franz Ferdinand on Leno recently. Very nice.

  5. Doh! It's the lack of fiesta salad, isn't it? As Smarties are to raising IQ, fiesta salad is to to enhancing mood. I really was going to bring it over, but then we ended up going to that funeral, and I was kind of wiped out by the time we got home. On the up side, we bought a ton of veggies for our soon to be vegetable garden before coming home to laze around watching Buffy all evening.

  6. Smarties are the best. I like how they remind me of the taste of chalk. And I mean that. Although I don't recall actually eating chalk. Yesterday was a bit on the barfy side, mood wise, for me most of the day. Until I listened to this lovely ditty called "Loopy Loopy Love" and I felt all better. It did inspire me to "kill me a cupid" but I think that is okay since I don't know one.

  7. leslita -- ooh, haagen dazs might have helped! But I didn't have any. I wonder if I could get some and HIDE IT in the freezer for true emergencies. And Marlys is totally right, as always! As soon as it started raining, my bad mood lifted. I wonder if the BAROMETER is my new bad-mood enemy.

    martina -- no worries about the fiesta salad. I mean I'm sure it would have helped, but even at my most irrationally cranky I don't think I would have insisted you skip a FUNERAL to bring it to me. What veggies did you get?

    baby boy d -- smarties ARE the best! And they taste way better than chalk (there was a period in first grade where my friend and I were convinced that we could tell the time by eating (small quantities) of chalk and colored paper.) Yay for Loopy Loopy love, and big hisses to the crappy mood which make me think that perhaps a giant machine that manipulates the barometric pressure and puts the susceptible in crappy moods would be a really lame (but kind of funny) bond-villain device. more of a dr. evil device, actually.

  8. I am convinced that once we are all happy enough and feeling all "right on" and everything that some unseen force in the universe makes it cloudy and horrible to remind us that we are truly just little things, and I hate that part.

  9. Smarties ARE the best. Before smarties, I could barely write my name, and now I have an MA in literature and am three paragraphs into my nano novel. I wish I could grow a smartie bush, but instead we bought tomatoes, green, red and yellow peppers, jalapenos, broccoli (so I can sing the "Choppin' Broccoli" song with the voice of experience), zucchini, butternut squash, lettuce, eggplant and a really big, pretty hanging tomato plant.


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