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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
As it turns out, my super bad mood on Sunday may have been an entity all its own, or it may have been the precursor to the EPV (Evil Puking Virus) I am currently recovering from. It is beyond tedious, but hopefully contained within One Night Of EVIL and a day of recovery.

ANYWAY, here are some links that caught my eye between naps today.

Dress A Day makes a great argument for the agency of Doris Day. (I watched/slept through Pillow Talk earlier today. What she does to Brad Allen's apartment reminds me so much of House on the Rock -- it cracks me up every time!) Anyway, the Doris Day discussion all ties in to a larger discussion of clothes in film over on the clothesaholic blog. (I am sure I've mentioned that one of my favorite books to lug out of the library when I was a kid was __ Years of Hollywood Fashions. I can't remember how many years it was, but I can tell you it had a gold slipcover and weighed at least 10 lbs.)

Powell's Blog has a link to a comic book based on a Murakami short story called On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning that looks like it will definitely be something to check out!

oops. time's up -- season finale of gilmore girls and veronica mars starting now.

p.s. and here's one more: Said the Gramophone pointed out this great post on Marathonpacks. He picks out some of his favorite small moments in Beatles songs, and the comments are full of more! I enjoyed reading it tremendously.
7 comments on "saltines and ginger ale post"
  1. Hope you're 100% better today!!

  2. I am thinking that I would have rather been "ralphing" last night than watching the GG season finale. The ending is not what bothered me. It was just a lame episode all the way around. All those folk performers? What a waste of time...

  3. Hey man - Hope you're on the mend!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes! I get to eat tonight, so I'm hoping that will push me back to 100%. Being sick is SO NOT my favorite. Any kind of stomach issue is doubly not my favorite.

    bbd -- you have got to be kidding! The troubadours were awesome! Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, and MANY MANY MORE! I certainly liked them better than the lameo Lorelei/Luke blowup. Who is that Luke, anyway? It's like they replaced him with a luke-bot who's sole purpose is to drag out their happy ending until the very end of the series.

  5. I feel that Luke is indeed a pod person this year. I should also add that I find Christopher to be way more appealing to the eye...and he has tons o' cash, and as we all know, it's all about the Hamilton's...oh, and I am glad that you are feeling better. Really.

  6. Thanks for the Murakami alert (you know I am ALL over THAT now)... Sorry to hear of the saltines and ginger ale aspect (tho better to hear of the recovery than of the BLACK PIT you'd been in)... looking forward to perusing the Beatle bits... you're a FONT, you are, dread sicknesses be damned...

  7. bbd -- but did you like him in the days before he had "people crushing money," back when he was feckless and broke? (I agree that right now he seems like the better candidate. And I guess his past jackholery is about on par with luke's CURRENT jackholery, so it's probably a wash). Poor Lorelei. The show should add the character of the reincarnated ALEXANDER HAMILTION, who was dashing, smart, and handsome but prone to dueling. That would liven up Stars Hollow for sure!

    mernitman -- hooray for Murakami! I couldn't quite tell from that link if it *is* available right now, if it will be available soon, or what -- but I figure just the fact that it exists is good news.

    Thanks again to everyone for the good wishes. I feel so much better now it's not even funny. As much as I despise the term "110 %" (and I despise it A LOT) I have no problem with, say "10,000%," which coincidentally is how much better I feel. It's bizarre, but TRUE!


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