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Saturday, May 27, 2006
welcome to gleneden beach

The whirlwind trip to the beach DID work! Things look less insane and impossible than they did before. hooray! I fully recommend driving in the country DURING THE WEEK <-- (that part is important) to counter any number of brain-eating maladies. It is so worth the tank of gas! ( I feel compelled to note that the trip only took one tank of gas, despite the fact that we drove up to Astoria, then down the coast to Lincoln City, all around god's green earth and then HOME.)

This picture is from a park at Gleneden Beach -- I'd been to GB before, but never this particular spot. So beautiful! Something about the tide, time of day, and particular make up of the shore caused big loud waves, which were really quite lovely.

In other news, I have decided that Barnes & Noble is off my list. I never find what I want there, everything irritates me (except for possibly their selection of music magazines, but I am always having to shove in front of some brain trust reading Maxim or whatever to even GET to them.) Powell's is it for me now. Bec and I went late this afternoon just to have a look around. It's been FOREVER since I'd been there -- I used to go all the time when I worked downtown. It just made sense. Well, it STILL makes sense. I mean, Amazon totally does too because they have good deals and it's convenient. But Powell's -- there's nothing quite like walking into the main store downtown and just KNOWING that you are in a giant building FULL of books (new and used living happily together on the same shelf). Anyway, it cheers a person, it really does. It smells right, it feels right, and dammit, it just IS RIGHT. We only did part of the gold room, and part of the blue and green rooms, but it was delightful. It was okay that we just did part, because now we know we must go back at some near future date.
3 comments on "looking up"
  1. Funny, I was just thinking about Powell's the other day. Do you know it has been whole YEARS since I've been inside? I'm really not sure how this happened, but it must be remedied! Since I embarked on my new "I must alternate English with foreign language books" campaign (replacing the "I must alternate fiction with non-fiction" campaign), I have been missing their foreign language section, and, the rest of the store too!

  2. It must be remedied IMMEDIATELY! Especially since it's such an easy remedy. Going back in there reminded me of all the things I liked about it, and now most of the crazy yuppie construction has moved further down the street so parking isn't so dire. Plus, their new store map is super fun! (it looks like an old pulpy detective novel)

  3. Great shot! And cinematically mysterious, etc.


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