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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
These signs are from the iris garden I went to with my mom and sister on mother's day. there was no "serene enchantment" or "delirious daydream of happiness" (at least that I saw), which leads me to believe that commercial iris gardening is more stressful than one would think.

it'll cost you

if only

Beware bargains


lip service

Fiery Temper $17.50

out of control
6 comments on "which one would you pick?"
  1. these are wonderful and i believe i'll have to steal them.

    who knew reality could be had so cheaply?

  2. No wonder Irises are among my Top 10 favorite flowers! I think my favorites are "Ominous Stranger" (because it sounds like a title for a Gothic romance cover complete with girl in white flowy nightgown looking over her shoulder as she runs away from a brooding hilltop mansion). "Deep Dark Secret" is good too, though, it would have to be changed to "Dark Secrets" to be a suitable title for a gothic.

  3. I really love that Ominous Stranger has some sharpie corrections on the M, and think that Out of Control is seriously undervalued. But that may be because I have think I have a bag of it somewhere...

  4. Out Of Control would be fitting for me I would think. I like it.

  5. I too, think that $12.50 is suspiciously reasonable for reality! Do you think it's good quality or a cheap knock-off?

  6. well, it's stuck right in there between deep dark secret and ominous stranger. I would maybe wait for more auspiciously placed (and less suspicioulsy priced) reality!


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