the truthiness is, I love stephen colbert

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Monday, May 01, 2006
If you don't already love him, the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner speech should convert you. It was brilliant and BALLSY. My god! Bush was sitting 5 feet away! And now that I've seen the video, I have even more respect for what he did -- they were hating him in there, but he just kept hammering away.
Here are some links (look at them in any order you like -- it's all good stuff) to catch up if you missed out:

The transcript.
The Thank You Page (with link to video)
Salon's cover story today: The Truthiness Hurts.
2 comments on "the truthiness is, I love stephen colbert"
  1. for mr. colbert's performance i must use a word i've heretofore only used with irony, and now ascribe sincerely:


    (as in: giant balls o'steel...)

  2. it really was awesome -- I find it incredible that the most of the media is saying "it just wasn't funny." Funny or not is beside the point. I mean, I thought it was hilarious in that "I must laugh or I will go crazy because it is all TRUE" way, but even if I didn't think it was FUNNY, it seems like it was pointed and bracing enough to deserve some mention. (I saw a clip of Bush with the Bush clone, and that was so grossly UNFUNNY -- but it's all anyone is reporting on, except for the occasional mention of the "we're not talking about him because he wasn't funny, not for any other reason" Colbert.)


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