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Sunday, May 21, 2006
horsetail falls
I thought for sure I had posted something else since wednesday, but I guess not. Here are the highlights since then:

+ Livewire on Thursday! this was a very good show, and I plan to have a link-filled and gloating post about it soon.

+ Friday. Friday was rough. I went partially crazy, then got better by turning off the computer and reading a book. What a notion!

+ Saturday -- fantastic! Started by going to the Title Wave bookstore with my sister. I found Ella Fitzgerald: the Early years with Chick Webb and his orchestra vol. 1 for .75 cents. (and it goes with vol. 2 that I found there last year! 4 discs in almost mint condition for 1.50!!), also found a Tom Tom Club CD with one of the best summer songs of all time, Genius of Love -- I have been meaning to buy that song from itunes but keep forgetting, so for .75 I got that song, plus 11 others!! Also found two GRE prep books from last year for 1.00 each. Take that, Algebra! You may confound me, but you will not impoverish me.

After the title wave, Bec and I decided to drive up the gorge and see some waterfalls, which so far in my experience has never been a bad decision.

into the woods

Got home with just enough time to get changed and get to Martina's triumphal return to show business in her fancy Missa Luba choir thing. It was a benefit for continued Hurricane relief to the gulf coast, and they sounded great and raised a lot of cash, so hooray!

+Sunday -- my sister and I began the massive fabric purge. Never have the words "what was I thinking" been uttered so many times in such a short period.
3 comments on "waterfalls and bargains"
  1. OOh - I love Genius of Love! It's so cute! How is the rest of the CD?

  2. It is NOT BAD! It'll take me a while to identify which ones are my super-favorites opposed to just okay or skippers, since I'm doing a lot of repeat playing of genius of love right now. there is even a remix! So I get it TWICE! Hooray! (Unfortunately, I don't think that getting to hear it twice makes one twice a genius... or even once a genius!) but it's a great song!

  3. Ella and the Tom Tom Club? Sounds like a new cd might be in order?
    Just a thought...my only thought.


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