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Monday, May 15, 2006
Sunday was short story day. Okay, it was also mother's day and I had a lovely one with my mother and sister, but before the drive to the country and the stroll around the iris gardens, I was mainlining short stories. The sun woke me up EARLY (really early for a sunday), and I read Steve Almond's The Evil B.B. Chow from start to finish without ever getting out of bed. (it was EARLY, I swear.) I got up, did some other stuff, and then picked up Elizabeth Crane's When the Messenger is Hot. I read the first story when I was recuperating last week and had put it down, probably to take a nap, and didn't pick it up again until yesterday. I was reading along and enjoying the sunny day/ good book combo (is there a better combination? I guess rainy day/good book is also pretty spectacular) until I came to a story where I had one of those lightning bolt moments of recognition... not just in an "oh, yeah. I've been there," chuckle ha ha way, but in an "oh my god, is THAT what I've been doing??" fog lifting moment of clarity way. I had to put it down and go do something else because I could not get it out of my head. It was disconcerting to read, but at the same time comforting. This is what I love about stories/books/movies/songs! They are like little wisps of spider silk that simultaneously transport to new horizons and connect back to the rest of humanity. Who knows how many other people felt the same jolt? I'm sure it wasn't just me.
10 comments on "short story day"
  1. Now you have aroused my curiosity--a collection read in one sitting? A story that might land me a jolt? I will definitely check those out.

  2. It was an enjoyable read. At least the first story, and now I am waiting for it to be delivered to the lovely Sellwood Library. I can't wait to read beyond like page should be something...

  3. Patty - Yes! check them out. I'm not saying you'll DEFINITELY get a jolt, all I know is I did. Even if there's no jolt for you, they're good stories!

    bbd - I can't wait until you read bb chow past p. 35 either! You have to read them while I can still remember which story was which.

  4. I think that this will be possible since it is already in transit after only one day. I suppose that would tend to make someone think that this book is of low quality since no one else in this insanely literate city wants it, but I think that they just wouldn't know a good book if it slapped them upside the head. Maybe this is a theory I should look into?

  5. Maybe they all already have their own copies? But, just to be safe I think we had better get Operation Slap Upside the Head underway.

  6. Dude, you are like totally right on! I think that I have a week off between spring and summer terms so that would be the perfect time to "get on it". I just wonder what I should use to slap upside their heads...a fish, perhaps? I am not sure.

  7. The answer is obviously a collection of short stories! maybe on a strap of some sort so you can slap upside the head from a distance.

  8. Oh. Right. That makes some sort of sense, I suppose...but I would think that you, of all people, would be more imaginative, you know? Anyway, I still love the sun but today it is hurting my eyes, which are connected to my head, which is now aching. But I would rather have an achy head than a wet one from all the rain...

  9. So...the library emailed me to let me know that I can now pick up B.B. Chow as well as Frank Sinatra's greatest...I can not wait to be me this evening...

  10. excellent! Here is some frank sinatra trivia: his favorite color was ORANGE! (I don't know how I know this, but I do)


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