and now for something only slightly different

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
I am trying out this new template -- I think I managed to make it wide enough that even my ginormous pictures still fit! And maybe it doesn't do that thing where it is all broken and miserable in internet explorer (maybe). It is still in its probationary period. It's a little boring, but this can be fixed.

Speaking of macintosh computers (....) I love my mac laptop, I love mac desktops, and I love the recent ad campaign. But not for the condescending frat boy they have representing the mac -- I love them for nerdy John Hodgman who represents the pc! I love his tan clothes and sensible shoes and even his pie charts. Sure, sure, maybe it is because I know Hodgman is responsible THIS mp3 where he reads 700 hobo names(SEVEN HUNDRED! -- including Sweet Daddy Champagne! King Snake, the Eternal Mystery! OVID!!!), but also because he's just sweetly adorable.
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