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Thursday, August 24, 2006
So, back in April or May I had what I considered to be one of my Great Brilliant Ideas. I wanted morning glories (they are pretty and require very little care), and I needed a new place to put them. I thought about it and decided that since they climb, maybe a tower or something would be good. I ended up rigging together a tower out of old tomato cages. This pleased me on many levels:
1) I was using stuff I already had
2) it looks a little crazy
3) it wouldn't look so crazy after it was covered with morning glories and all those nay-sayers would have to EAT IT when confronted with the abundant beauty of my gigantic tower of flower. Right? ha! (speaking of ha, Ha-Ha is one of my favorite gardening terms. click on this link and learn something new: and even see a cross section of a Ha-Ha)

I stuck it in the middle of the roses and thought that everything would be all glory hallelujah in no time. What I did not anticipate was that morning glory shoots are considered to be a slug delicacy. Slugs! They're not just destructive, they're totally gross. I replanted and became a vigilant defender-against-slugs. Was this enough? No, it was not. Morning glories, for all their reputation of being slutty garden vines that will grow on anything, anywhere, anytime, are actually kind of picky. The soil can't be too good, they need some water (because everything does), but if they get too much they will only put up leaves and no flowers. Weird, but true. Well, to get to the point, it never really took off like I hoped it would, and I'm not sure if it was the location, my bad attitude, the slugs, some garden wizard curse or what. But today the first of the Heavenly Blue morning glories came out... and I have to say that I find it was a worthy experiment even if the results weren't as immediate or spectacular as what I originally had in mind.

grandpa otts Heavenly Blue
6 comments on "garden folly"
  1. I must say that your photos are beautiful and that it was all worth it. Pretty pretty.

  2. I have always loved the term "ha ha" too, and here is why (I'm guessing this won't surprise you):

    a) It makes me think of Nelson Muntz
    b) I like to think that the term originated from people pointing and laughing at the other people who did not see the trench until too late and fell on their asses. That IS where it comes from, right? I bet that's exactly how the OED explains it
    c) B. makes me think of Nelson Muntz.

  3. p.s. Wizards are always trouble, unless they are crystal ones

  4. Thanks,BBD!

    Martina, I am not at all surprised that Nelson Muntz is where your mind went. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the term came from, either.
    p.s. all wizards are trouble! even crystal ones!

  5. I planted those 16 (two packages!) morning glory seeds and nada, unless you count the bind weed I dutifully watered, or the bzillion sunflowers that arose from same generous treatment. But I can LOVE yours! Congrats.

  6. thanks patty! The heavenly blue is really blooming right now. I don't know what the answer is for next time, other than just planting a WHOLE LOT and hoping for the best...


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