the award for best use of treadmills goes to..

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Monday, August 14, 2006

things I love about this video:

1. very creative
2. made on the cheap
3. treadmill choreography (how often do you get to say that, really?)
4. it's so fun!
5. the seriousness with which they approach their work

(wait for it to load all the way for maximum treadmill choreography enjoyment)
6 comments on "the award for best use of treadmills goes to.."
  1. Robin Schnug8/14/2006 2:13 PM

    That was brill! Hi Jen! Tara LG Sager sent me your blog address. I am inspired to do some sewing by your skull skirt you wore to the livewire where I met you. I have a question about patterns....

    Thanks for turning me onto that video. That might inspire me to use my treadmill.
    Ciao bella!
    Robin Schnug, Friend of Tara in San Diego

  2. Robin! Hello! I am so pleased that you liked my skull skirt. A certain someone ::cough:: tara::cough:: was convinced that a what not to wear intervention would be staged if I wore it in public. today I wore the ... maracas dress! Which is from fabric I bought at the same time. hee hee.

    I'm glad you liked the video too -- it makes me smile every time I watch it!

  3. I double heart that video!

  4. Isn't it great? I had to watch it again just now!

  5. I'm sorry - I wanted to stage an intervention???? Do you just wanna throw down in the nearest parking lot or what?

    And a "maracas" dress? I don't recall hearing or seeing anything about this.

    Clinton and Kelly may be calling on you after all!

  6. oh, anonymous Tara! You know it's true!! You told me (I think I even have it in email somewhere) that to wear that fabric in public was to invite Fashion Intervention.

    You are so sweet to offer to get into a parking lot fight with me! I'm generally not one for physical altercations, but the parking lot fight has always had a certain daytime tv allure...

    (the maraca dress is black with huge bright mexican flowers and maracas on it. It is Too Fun. I'll take a picture)


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