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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
highlights of the tuesday rocks to sucks continuum:

random rocking things:

BALLROOM BLITZ by the Sweet! (fun read that is related but not exactly about the Sweet: Bubble Entendres over at Bubblegum University)

A defense of the word SUCKS at slate

the fabulist
...where I found Unphotographable , which is made up of short descriptions of photos not taken. Lovely!

Horseshoe man -- I see him at the park a couple of times a week. He rides his bicycle and has a special pouch for horseshoes that goes over the handlebars. He's the only person I've ever seen using the horseshoe (arena? pit?) and it makes me smile EVERY TIME! And when he's not there it's a place where the dragonflies like to hang out, so that makes me smile too. (they do not play horseshoes, however)

LIVE MUSIC (soon to be a post of its own)

Iggy Pop: he strikes me as someone supremely comfortable in his own skin. So comfortable, in fact, that I think he would never wear clothes if society didn't insist upon it. I love that he seems like such an affable goofy guy in interviews but his music is wild, dark and dangerous.

songs about time bombs: Playing right now -- Timebomb by the Old 97's (so fun!). The only other song about a timebomb I can think of is Ticking Timebomb by the All Girl Summer Fun Band. Are there others? This feels like it could be a great summer quest. The Decemberists have a song about land mines in bloodlines, but those don't count. Time Bombs Only!

since I had to come back in here and fix a link, I am going to add some Colbertity:
You're On Notice! (generator of the picture at the top of this post)

and one that sucks:

dr. phil-- What is his appeal? Just the sound of his voice makes me want to stab something. I concede it might be nice occasionally when I'm flailing and flopping around in a panic to have someone just tell me what to do, but for the safety of all concerned that someone had better not be a certain loudmouth asshole from Texas.
4 comments on "worth a million in prizes"
  1. "Time Bomb" by the Format on their new CD, DOG PROBLEMS. A good tune, that!

    Meanwhile, what the halibut have you done with Jen's blog? Looking awfully WHITE around here...

  2. oooh -- thanks for the time bomb recommendation!

    As for the blog -- I KNOW! I was going to make a joke about how it's all a reflection of my new minimalist lifestyle and that I'm almost done putting white dust jackets on all my books, but it made me shudder just thinking it, so I couldn't (without this disclaimer). It's too white, I know, but the other template (which I loved) was broken and awful in internet explorer. I saw it on someone else's computer (since I don't use ie) and the horror of it was keeping me up nights. ANYWAY, I am investigating color options.

  3. Hey, maybe those drangonflies play horseshoes when people aren't watching. Or have their own very tiny horseshoes that they play only around ponds..........

  4. You know, I hadn't thought of that Patty, but you may be right! there's no pond at the park, but why should that stop them?? They can fly!!


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