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Friday, August 24, 2007
Aw, yeah! I just sent a last-ditch, hail mary email (also known as Boo Hoo email #2) before the weekend to see if I could shake any information out of the people who were holding my test scores hostage and... IT WORKED. I heard back right away (shocking!) and the news was not bad. It turns out that the letter they sent to me was returned because it had the wrong address. (my guess is that it was addressed correctly but delivered to the idiot 40 year old Think They're Still Frat Dudes across the street who drink beer in an inflatable kiddie pool in the middle of the dandelion meadow in front of their house. Do you think they would be reliable letter re-directors? Me neither.)

ANYWAY, they have just concluded interviews with people who scored 100, and they'll soon be setting up interviews with people who scored 99. People LIKE ME! Woo hoo!!!

Now I have to go bake chocolate chip cookies and figure out what to wear to a party. I've had worse days!
5 comments on "agent 99"
  1. Congratulations!!! And good for you for tracking them down like that--awesome!

    Go get 'em!!!

  2. Yes. I must say that the news is great and I am most glad that you did not wait to send an email until Monday since we all know that waiting is the hardest part.

  3. WOO HOO! Apparently it is a good week for job related news!

  4. Thanks you guys! I am so relieved to know something. (and extra-relieved that it is good news!)

    Now, the next step. Yay next step!

  5. I am still quite excited, and I am unable to hide it...


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