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Monday, August 13, 2007
on the bubble

1. I am tired. My obligations lately have seen me up early and to bed late. (I must acknowledge that many of these have been fun, so I'm not complaining about the stuff, just about the tired.)

2. Waiting is not my favorite thing. If it were, I would be having the time of my life right now! Anyway. It's been a week since I took that test, and results should come sometime this week. waitwaitwaitwaitwait.

3. I miss Farscape! I miss that it was serious and silly and often both at once, I miss John Crichton's leather pants, I miss Aeryn Sun kicking ass. I can't think of anything on television right now that I look forward to in quite the same way as I used to look forward to a new episode of Farscape. (edit: I added pictures because it hardly seems right or fair to talk about John Crichton/Ben Browder and not provide a photo.)

4. Speaking of television, why isn't there a show where Alexander Hamilton and Sam Cooke fight crime? It's perfect! they both died too young and were both very charming and smart and popular with the ladies. Singing! Dueling! The Department of the Treasury! Sweet Soul Music! What's not to love? I would watch it. (I would WAY rather watch that than some show about wedding planners or America's Next Top anything. Or another Law and Order. Unless it was Law and Order: Charming Brilliant (but Dead) Rascal Division starring Alexander Hamiltion and Sam Cooke.)
7 comments on "not quite plumb"
  1. Waiting by the mailbox is most definitely not one of my favorite things. Farscape? I have never seen it. The program took place in outer space or something?

  2. Yes! outerspace with muppets, yet not Pigs In Space. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I did there was no going back.

  3. Weren't peoplepeople actually on it as well, like someone that was famous in the 80's? Maybe I am just all kinds of confused.

  4. Yes! there were peoplepeople too! I've added some pictures to the post which may help jog your memory. I don't remember anyone famous in the 80's being on it, though.

    OH! I bet you're thinking of Stargate which has McGuyver's own Richard Dean Anderson. And now has Ben Browder. (who I'm always happy to see, but Chrichton was a lot more interesting than his current character, IMO)

  5. Ew, no! Not Stargate. I think that I was thinking of something maybe called Babylon 5?

  6. OH!! Yeah. I forgot about that one because I never got to see it from the beginning and it seemed very much like the kind of thing you'd need to see from the beginning. I know I could get the DVDs and whatnot, but I think I'd rather just watch Farscape again.

  7. I really enjoyed Firefly. Really. I just never really enjoyed the sci-fi all that much.


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