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Monday, August 20, 2007
I passed a girl in the park today with cookie monster blue hair and I was seized by an overwhelming desire to ALSO have cookie monster blue hair, even though I am really too old to have permanent cookie monster blue hair and honestly, the wig is too itchy for everyday. So, today I have imaginary blue hair! I am typing this with blue hair! It's very Marge Simpson, but not. (the photo is from a halloween false eyelash test.)

This weekend I did normal weekend things like assemble flat-pack furniture, continue to stare at the empty non-news containing mailbox and try to clean my bad mood away (partially successful. I should have got the wigs out!). But the most exciting thing was probably the hummingbird rescue. Busby brought me a present (he does this muffled meow until I notice that he's got a mouse or bird or whatever in his mouth, then he lets it go as I start shrieking for him to go back outside. This is apparently the height of feline hilarity). This time the bird promptly flew to the top of the very highest window. A 6 foot ladder, a towel and a lamb's wool dust thing on a stick were involved in the rescue. I am happy to say that despite some blood-- caused by the cat, not me-- the hummingbird flew away under its own power.

I got some news that is neither good nor bad for me regarding my job application, but I immediately latched upon it as a terrible omen. Someone else who took the test apparently scored 100% and has already been called for an interview! There are a couple of reasons why this may not pertain to me at all: 1) he is already employed by the system and therefore it is less of a production to get him moving 2) he got 100%. I think I did okay, but I know I didn't get 100%!

Anyway, today marks two weeks since the test and I still haven't heard anything, so I need to start transitioning into 'I probably won't hear anything' mode. It's disappointing, but there's not really anything I can do about it. Of course it's possible that since it's the county I need to be less literal with the two-week window, and if I REALLY want to stretch it, I could say that since my last name is near the end of the alphabet, maybe it's taking longer. But that last one feels more desperate than hopeful, so I think I'll skip it.

Ooh! I just remembered my other weekend activity: writing letters to Salon's advice columnist that I will never send! I recommend this if you have a problem or situation that say, your friends are sick of hearing about and you need a fresh angle. It helps me tremendously to see if I can lay it out in a way that will make sense to someone who is not living in my brain. I always go through a period where I think I am totally sending this so that I might benefit from the oddball but kindly wisdom of Salon's Cary Tennis!, but not before I panic and think what if someone I know reads this and can tell it's me due to excessive parentheses or eyeball seizures or whathaveyou! I will die of mortification!, so then I have to go through and try to neutralize the language and take out all the exclamations or pretend that I am someone else entirely with a very similar problem and it turns into this whole other thing and then I realize that I no longer need to send it and the pulpy bits of my problem settle back down to the bottom of the glass and I can get back to doing whatever I was doing before the advice columnist compulsion was upon me.
3 comments on "cookie monster blue"
  1. It isn't that blue hair is too young for you it is that you have to wait only a few short years for you to be old enough to have the blue hair rinse.

  2. ha ha! You're so right! The women in my family do eventually end up with lovely all white hair, it's just that getting there is a BITCH. So hello, hair dye until then.

    I just don't think I can pull off bright blue 24/7.

  3. Bright blue always sounds like so much fun for hair but then the idea of a super bright day with little sleep and having to face the world with that blue hair? Heck no.


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