my imaginary glam rock boyfriends and other good news (august)

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh, I love it when a neutral day picks a side and becomes an EXCELLENT day. Like say, today. I was on my way to the wilds of darkest suburbia (Beaverton) and noticed I had voicemail, which turned out to be a call from the place about the thing! Long story short: I have an interview for Sept. 12. (could this take any longer??? don't answer that.) Anyway, my response in general is HOORAY!

I should have known today would improve because when I was out earlier my ipod played me 20th Century Boy by T. Rex (the titular imaginary glam rock boyfriends, august edition). I love that song! It makes me happy every single time I hear it. There's just something about the combination of raunchy joie de vivre and sincere sweetness which make it well nigh irresistible. (see also: the work of Judd Apatow, although there are fewer dudes in eyeliner. )

To sum up: Yay! And here's a video if your Friday is sadly lacking the RDA of T. Rex:

3 comments on "my imaginary glam rock boyfriends and other good news (august)"
  1. WOOHOO for September 12th. It is about time they got back with you. Hooray for news that is far from being bad.

  2. The grand Kids left today, boohoo. I had to work, but afterward we snuck out to Thanh Thao for some cashew chicken (I had 'em throw in some Thai basil--yum!) and snow pea beef and I got these two (!) fortunes in my cookie: 1) "Tomorrow will be a productive day. Don't oversleep." (Heh. As if that will stop me.) and 2) "You have an ambitious nature and will make a name for yourself." Well,alrighty then! I'm ready! All in all a great end of August Friday. Sooooooooooo lovely. Temperature just right. (For some...) If none of this makes any sense, rackitup to exhaustion.

  3. Thanks for the WOOHOO, bbd! I feel that way myself!

    Makes sense to me, Patty. It sounds like you've had a great couple of days! Fortune cookies -- so tasty, albeit occasionally bossy.


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