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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Port Orford Yellow (with dandelions)

Fun Fact: Charles Simic has been named Poet Laureate by the Library of Congress!

Fact Devoid of Fun and Almost All Interest: while I was looking for a photo to put with this post, I found this fire hydrant picture which I was going to REJECT (as dandelions themselves to illustrate a poem about dandelions seemed a little on the nose in this instance) but then I noticed that I uploaded it to flickr on August 9th exactly two years ago, so I acquiesced to coincidence.


We were fabulously lucky.
We became dandelions.
Before we were even born
We kept wishing to be dandelions.
Next we found ourselves traveling
Out of the great unknown.
We rode down in a train
Sixteen coaches long,
We sat prim and proper
In our golden yellow dresses.
Others came as black widows,
Little monkeys, and red birds,
And of course many ants,
Snuggled together and looking glum.

Charles Simic
from Hotel Insomnia
3 comments on "august appropriate"
  1. I hardly ever wear yellow but I do enjoy it, and it is supposed to be my color, so. I like the photo very much and I should add a shout out to Simic.

  2. Hee hee. I would like to wear yellow more often (especially in a dandelion golden yellow dress), but it usually makes me look like I have The Jaundice.

  3. I can totally relate to The Jaundice look, but I am supposed to be able to wear yellow, according to my sign and all of that hooey. Maybe if I was all tan and stuff it could work. We'll see.


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