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Monday, August 06, 2007
I have finally completed the test portion of The Job Application. Of 551 applicants, 60 were randomly selected to take the test. I got to take mine (with 9 other people) this morning. I should get my scores in a week or two. The people who score highest on the test will then go through an interviewing process, and if one manages to get that far and references check out, a position is offered.

I know that patience is a virtue and it does me absolutely no good to get in a twitter about the typing section, of all things... but I am a nervous mess nonetheless. I was the second person to finish which worries me! did I miss something that all those other people (but one) caught? ... my brain will race around like this for at least two hours. My hope is that it will all shake out shortly and I can go back to Cautious Optimism because it's nicer there than it is here in Pointless Worry.
10 comments on "testing my patience"
  1. At this point I would suggest that you slow your roll a bit. No one is trying to salt your game so quit buggin'. I mean, you know, coming in second isn't the worst thing. I guess it isn't really the best, either, but it is almost perfect. I joke. Maybe you should read The Secret? That was a joke also. Even though I am a year older I have most definitely gotten all "The Secret will change your life!" I am still more like "If you have common sense then you will adore the Secret! If you loved the Celestine Prophecy then you will feel the need to read the Secret!"

  2. Even though I am a year older I have most definitely NOT gotten all...that is how the sentence should've appeared. My bad.


    Was yesterday your birthday? I thought it was on the 11th! So sorry!!! Are you telling me that I will need to send back the beautifully packaged The Secret/ Celestine Prophecy boxed set I ordered for you?
    You are, as you know, forever young.

  4. Boxed sets that are flammable are always okay with me.

  5. (makes note to wrap up some matches and accelerant)

  6. That would be lovely, but please do not forget the marshmallows.

  7. baby boy d really made me laugh. Bet you did too. Hell, we should write our own version of the Secret. No more tests, no more working. A few weeks on a Carribean beach would do wonders...

  8. the Secret is so _______. The opening scene of the dvd is so funny and sooooooooo mystical. I mean come on, they are wearing dark robes and everything.

  9. DARK ROBES? this is the first thing that has made me want to see the DVD! Is there chanting?

    Whenever I process one of the books at the library I always flip it open to see what secret words of wisdom it has to impart (I have yet to find any). All the faux-seals between testimonials (like it is from the dead sea scrolls or something) crack me up! I can only imagine what desperate sheen of mysticism the dark robes add!

  10. Yes, I seem to remember some chanting. The "skits" are also rather funny. I guess they are supposed to be more like examples of what can happen when utilizing the Secret but they seem more SNL than anything else. The Soup on E! has played a couple of them. I love that Joel guy. Maybe we should watch the dvd for kicks. I couldn't watch it all the way through alone. What is the point of laughing that hard if you are alone?


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