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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Still no news on the thing. ("the thing" sounds better to me than "test results" which seems vaguely medical, even though in this instance it isn't.) Monday I was having big anticipatory OMG-palpatations since there was an envelope in the mailbox from the agency in question, but it was from a completely different and unrelated area about a completely different and unrelated thing. d'oh! All that accelerated heart-rate for NOTHING. But that is obviously just part of the process and I'm trying to be... well, zen would be a pretty hilarious description of my efforts not to freak out, but that's my ideal. I have a feeling I'm going to have several more days to practice. Breathe in, breathe out.

In I Do Not Believe His Reasons Are Entirely Sentimental news, I think that the Alexander Hamilton & Sam Cooke Crime Fighting-Democracy Forming -All Singing -All Dueling Variety Hour may have to be on Showtime due to mature content. Due to reasons best described as "I accidentally left the 4th disc in the case," I hadn't been listening to ALL of the Sam Cooke collection (The Man Who Invented Soul) I was recommending two weeks ago. That has since been corrected! Disc No. 4 includes a live set from the Harlem Square Club -- it is amazing how different some of the songs sound in front of an audience. The studio recordings are smooth (but not boring), lovely, joyful. If the lyrics are at all questionable (like the filthy Shake, Rattle and Roll*, ), they're at least somewhat stealthy because he sings them pretty straight. Not like it's a particularly tricky code to crack, but there is room for plausible deniability. Whereas the songs recorded in front of live audience are so gleefully raunchy -- even completely innocuous lyrics are delivered with such unforced but supercharged sexy charisma you either have to turn away entirely or surrender. The album advises (Don't Fight It) Feel It, which sounds pretty reasonable to me. (ooh -- that would be a much shorter show title than the AH&SCCFDFASADVH!)

* can you believe Wikipedia mentions the Huey Lewis and the News version, but not the Sam Cooke version? Does that seem right to you?
3 comments on "(don't fight it) feel it"
  1. Huey Lewis? Really? I hadn't even thought about him since, well, ever. It just seems so wrong as to be a joke.

  2. I KNOW!! it's crazy, is what it is.

  3. Amen to that statement "sister".


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