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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
It is FINALLY primary day here in Oregon, hooray! As usual, I have waited to vote until election day. Yes, it's too late to mail in a ballot (mail in ballots are how all voting is done in this state), but it just so happens that every branch of the library is also an official drop-off place, which makes it extra easy to 1) vote on election day 2) stick it to the man. (the man who wants 42 cents postage for me to vote, which I find outrageous. OUTRAGEOUS. It's not the money, it's the principle.)

Anyway, I don't know if you saw the pictures on tv or in the newspaper, but Obama was here on Sunday and drew the largest crowd (75k!) for a primary election event EVER. I wasn't there, but it was a heartening thing to behold even in photographs.

It might have even made my grinch-like political heart expand a couple of sizes. The Oregonian has an excellent photoset of the event on flickr.

(television aside: Bones -- seriously?? wtf!)
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  1. Erich and I were downtown Sunday and had no idea what was going on. When I got home and saw the crowd it was amazing to me. I love that people are so "involved" but my cold heart has yet to thaw.

  2. It's so weird. You living in Oregon, not the OR primary. For the longest time I just assumed you lived in CA. Maggie and I discussed this once over pie. Since you had writerly interest and had an amazing blog, I just assumed you lived here. Which, I completely realize, is ridiculous. And which Maggie and I had a good laugh over.

    It's completely solipsistic of me to assume that LA is the center of aspiration universe. But I do. And I distinctly remember the day I realized there was no way the pretty foliage in your photos could exist in the desert.

    But a friend of mine assures me that Portland is the hub of the new cultural zeitgeist. So maybe you're on to something. Maybe lots of people out there assume that all interesting blogs come from people in Oregon...

    I just realized that this comment only had to do with about 2% of your post.

  3. OO! Dag and I were there! And by "there" of course I mean across the river on the esplanade sitting on a bench looking at the stage with binoculars listening to Obama say "mmmfr blarrr mwaar baahr!" and the crowd go "WOOOOOOO!!!"

  4. I agree with Adam--your blog is amazing!

  5. bbd -- there's plenty of time for heart-thawing or getting mad yet! I don't feel like I've been hypnotized or anything, I just feel slightly more optimistic than I did before. (also helping with this was seeing a surprising number of Obama signs in eastern oregon, but more on that later.)

    adam -- don't you think los angeles would be even more crowded if everyone with writerly interest and a blog lived there?? hee hee! believe it or not, people manage to be creative here in the city of roses and points elsewhere despite not living in the center of the aspiration universe! but thank you! I think.

    leslita -- that cracks me all the way up! I would totally wear an Obama t-shirt if it said "mmmfr blarrr mwaar baahr!" on the front and "WOOOOOOO!!!" on the back!

    patty --thank you!


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