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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
There's all this stuff I've been wanting to write up forever (books, movies, projects, tv, etc), but I kept putting it off because I was busy or having a crisis or you know, just lazy. Then it (the heretofore mentioned "stuff") became a giant MOUNTAIN that seemed way too tall to climb without sherpas or mountain goats or alpacas or the steely ponchos-in-prison determination of Martha Stewart. (I don't have these things!) It was a problem. But then a lightbulb switched on and I realized that I don't have to do it all at once -- some of it I don't even have to do at all. (a pretty dim lightbulb, but sometimes any illumination helps.):

TV: I have this new TV watching plan that makes me feel like I have discovered penicillin or invented the mini-marshmallow. Are you ready? I am trying to only watch shows that I really want to watch. It seems so obvious, but my habit for far too long has been to park my butt on the couch with my laptop and simultaneously read, answer email, and watch tv. This is no good! I've decided to pay more attention to the shows I enjoy (and also to watch more movies -- more on this later), and if I'm not watching something I like, then get up and do something else. Like... read a book! or sew! (although I have taken to doing hand sewing while watching TV, which is less distracting than the computer.) Anyway -- it's not a perfect plan, but I'm trying to be more aware of my time and make sure I'm doing things I want to do.

So, last night I watched Bones and sewed patches on my vintage quilt. Oh, Bones! I missed you when you were gone. Here are some of the things I like about this show: 1) great ensemble (hey, look -- functional yet imperfect people working together!) 2) I love the Booth/Bones relationship -- they come at the world from completely different ends, yet respect and care for each other -- seemingly unheard of in this post Bush/Gore environment. 3) the crime of the week is never the main point of the show, the ensemble is the main point of the show. (although this week it intertwined since Brennan's father was on trial.)

That being said, the very things I love about the show also worry me since I'm a worrier: 1)If everyone gets along so great, where's the tension? (They've handled it well so far, but this is something I can see becoming an issue.) 2) Bones/Booth: to quote Giles from Buffy, the subtext is rapidly becoming text. I like to see their relationship developing as it has been (they have crazy chemistry), but I think it's important that they don't push it too fast. That tension is so delicate and balanced at this point -- it's one of the few things that really separates this show from others of its ilk. 3) That courtroom scene this week was incredibly unbelievable. Like Boston Legal unbelievable. Ally McBeal unbelievable! I don't mind because that's not what the show is about for me, but even I noticed. 4) I love Sweets! But I did not love the insane way they decided to tell us he could stay on the show -- he gets to continue studying Booth/Brennan and why they get along when they should not, but since he no longer has a Legitimate Sanctioned Reason, he's doing it in exchange for "profiles on demand" which sounds pretty lame to me, and like I've said before, I'm no procedural purist. (but I love him and am glad that he'll be on more. He is A-dorable.)

song stuck in my head: Myriad Harbor by New Pornographers. I know it's from last summer, but I'm loving it so much RIGHT NOW it's making me crazy. I woke up and had to hear it 10 times. (10 times is a lie! it was more times than that.) It makes me want to dance around in my pajamas, sing it in the car, go somewhere, do something moderately stupid just because. I love that it has a specific, evocative setting (NYC) yet captures that universal everywhere feeling when the sun hits just right and you're with your friends wandering around talking to people and doing stuff for no particular reason. Things are not perfect, troubles from yesterday will be there tomorrow; there's no plan and you'll probably get into at least one argument over nothing -- yet there's a certain buoyancy as the day unspools. It sounds like a warm weather song to me -- not that it's currently warm here, but I have faith that it will be warm again. I need to hear it 3 more times, right now.
I took a plane, I took a train/ (ah, who cares, you always end up in the city)
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