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Sunday, May 18, 2008
I am tired and road-weary (STILL) from my mom's crazy-ass marathon courthouse birthday road trip. (details to follow after I upload my pictures. it was fun!)

Since I don't have those pictures ready, I thought I'd post some photos of what's blooming right here in the neighborhood right now.(Actually, these pictures are from last week and we just had a "heat wave" -- that means it got up into the 90's for more than one day -- so some things (like the rhododendron) are maybe not as fresh as they look here. But it's close.)

picnic view
oooh! But first, picnic vision: I had a rooftop picnic with Leslie on Wednesday. The weather had just turned nice that afternoon (it was v. cloudy in the morning), and it's always fun to look out across the city from a fresh vantage point. Double extra fun to do so with a friend!

may flower aka hawthorn
this is one of the pink hawthorns I walk by every day. (I also walk by white ones, but the pink one was prettier.) Here's what the druids have to say about it. (apparently, Hawthorn is popular with the faeries!)

dogwood blossom
Dogwood are blooming everywhere. Most are pink or white, but I really like this green one.

monster rhodie
This gigantic rhododendron is across the street from the park. It is old and HUGE, as you can see. Rhododendrons do really well here as they like the rain and whatnot.

...and because I just can't stop, another tree silhouette! Don't worry, I'll have to stop taking these once they've fully leafed out since there will be a lot less light available.
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