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Monday, May 05, 2008

make up your mind, sidewalk! If you're going to dictate my state of mind, at least have the decency to indicate whether it should be THIS (see above), or THAT (see below). Both on the same day. Same sidewalk, even. Good gravy. ( Good Gravy! I don't know what's up with that -- I was overcome by the desire to say good gravy! I'm no gravy expert, but I feel secure in saying that no good gravy ever came out of a can.)


I have to say I much prefer the sunnier hot-pink message of the second photo, so I'm going to make that the logo of my new Good Gravy brand gravy, available at fine grocers everywhere! But not in a can! or a jar! you have to hold out your hands or something. (...still working out the details.) (I realize some hippie has probably already been selling Good Gravy brand gravy that you hold in your hands for 15 years already, so maybe it's time to let those good gravy dreams go to that Some Hippie Thought of it First idea gravy graveyard. Good bye, Good Gravy!)

and now, a picture, some links and a video:

click here to read about this picture -- a picture that should make you smile unless your heart is made of stone or is pumping a gravy-like substance. (it looks like some mad wizarding experiment. I guess it kind of was!)

oh, this made me laugh too! it's a collaborative effort to write an old-school style Harlequin category romance, The Unfeasibly Tall Greek Billionaire's Blackmailed Martyr-Complex Secretary Mistress Bride: chapter 1. I don't know that I'll read the whole thing, but the instructions made me laugh and laugh, as did the following bit of dialogue: "I've got to go, Sasha" he drawled. "I need to be at the airport in thirty minutes. I'm flying to Athens in my luxury private jet for a global hummus conference." HA HA HA! (caveat: may not be funny if you've never read an old-school category romance with an Unfeasibly Tall Greek Billionaire and his Blackmailed Martyr-Complex Secretary Mistress Bride. What I want to know is why I never hear about these global hummus conferences in the news.)

And finally, Stereogum has video of an interview and performance by Feist on the Colbert Report. (it's funny!) Watch the first video to hear Stephen Colbert's advice on what will make your loved ones "twitch with joy," and hear Feist say what I think a lot of us are thinking: "as long as you call me, Stephen Colbert, you can call me whatever you want."

Watch the second video to see her acoustic performance of I Feel It All.

and because I still love it, here's the video for 1 2 3 4.

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