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Friday, May 23, 2008
I was going to start equivocating about how I can't believe it's friday already and how I have all of these BIG PLANS for future posts (former:true, latter:false),blah blah holiday weekend, but it seems like I've said that at least 345,000 times before and it's boring. (not that I would let that stop me!)

But as I was sitting here I noticed the tree right outside my window is full of tiny little birds. They're not finches (they are brownish and very fat, but tiny) and they are all chirping at once. It sounds like a high pitched gong out there! The tree is even vibrating.

Which reminds me that I was sitting here at my computer the other night and three canada geese flew by in front of the full moon. The moon was far, the geese were near, and it was spectacularly weird and strangely moving. (I don't know about you, but I rarely see geese flying in the middle of the night.) Okay, okay. The gonging tree full of tiny fat birds compels me to tell you that I could distinctly HEAR the geese (you must admit they have a distinctive sound), and I could see the moon do this stuttering/fluttering thing where it flapped in and out of visibility, but due to the tree I couldn't really make out the geese. (but I know they were there!) Flying geese in front of a full moon is probably an evil omen in chinese lore or something. I hope not. Please don't tell me if it is.

and now the birds are off gonging another tree, and I am off to the next part of my day.
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