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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
early fall mosaic

Even though summer is officially over and the earth has tipped to "rainy in portland" season, there is still a lot of color to be found. I'm trying this crazy thing where I appreciate what I've got right now instead of living in the imagined future or idealized past. (I'm TRYING, but not always successful. Like always.) These pictures are all from the last two weeks or so.
2 comments on "colorful yet"
  1. Love the orangey flower. (Can't thnk of the name.) And the fall trees. (I know it is fall, but I am still in denial. Since we had to put the heat on this morning, it must be so.) I looked at each photo enlarged. How much nicer! than trying to wrap my brain around whether China will benefit more than the U.S. from the bail out, or whether the smear campaign will garner a few more votes for you-know-who. Your photos are like dance for my brain.

  2. I can't remember the name of the orangey flower either!! It always is blooming in september, though. I'm glad you liked the pictures!!


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