phrases of which I have tired

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
yee haw!

an Incomplete List:

red meat

main street/ wall street

game changer

my friends (said with that grating angry/whiny tone)

you betcha (wink, gun finger)

maverick/ team of mavericks/ just a coupla mavericks: (what is the collective noun for maverick? a raft of mavericks? herd? parliament? swarm? grist? ostentation? siege? (I think it's a siege!) destruction? skulk? hurtle? implausibility? mustering? sneak? prickle? bloat?)
4 comments on "phrases of which I have tired"
  1. Main Street/Wall Street is the one driving me bonkers lately. I never really considered the word maverick to mean anything special, it never jumped out at me. Now it just makes me think of people that want to do everything the same but somehow it will be different? I don't know. I am super jazzed that we have 27 days left! Seriously. And SNL in primetime could be fun. And Sarah Vowell has a new book to read! I had no idea!

  2. It USED to be that Maverick would make me think of James Garner (yeah!) or Top Gun (ha ha ha!) but now it just makes me angry.

    I am also excited about Sarah Vowell's new book!! Did you see her on the Daily Show?

  3. I did not see her on The Daily Show. I wish I had. She gives me hope.

  4. I know whereof you speak. I like the SNL take on Maverick--Mavericky? Tee hee. The family of that name share your ire. I have to leave the room when the wannabees invade via pixels. Find that avoiding them makes my life so much happier.

    So excited--our voting pamphlet came today. (Only one for two of us--odd, I thought.) Until we got that, I kept fretting that maybe we weren't registered. Come on election day, come on!!!


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