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Friday, October 10, 2008
I saw more canada geese flying today! Half a dozen, flying low and loud right over my head. As usual, I heard them long before I saw them. They are so graceful in the air, which is so incongruous with that HONKING. But the incongruity makes me love them even more.

I thing Bloglines is dying. My feeds are slowly, one by one, getting those little red exclamation marks that mean they're not updating, and the support forum is nothing but cialis spam. BOO. So I moved everything over to google reader, and that's actually going okay! WOO. I just did it tonight, and even for change averse me it wasn't so bad. I had a couple of feeds in google reader from ages ago that I used to test it out way back when, but never made the switch because all my stuff was at bloglines. I lost all of my "saved new" posts, but how many of those did I really need to save? Probably not that many. Anyway -- it was a fairly painless transition, and google reader is much nicer in a lot of ways. (although I was just using plain old bloglines, not the beta, which could have been solid gold and serving caviar for all I know.) Technology!(shakes fist at sky in manner of cranky people the world over.)

In television news, I watched and quite enjoyed Life on Mars tonight. Woo! Harvey Keitel as a nyc cop in the 70's beating the crap out of people -- what's not to love? I'm always interested in these kind of kinda sorta "time travel, or am I crazy?" stories. (the main guy, played by Jason O'Mara, is a 2008 cop who gets bonked on the head or something and ends up in 1973. He thinks he's crazy! But I think he's cute.) This is a remake of a BBC series, which I have not seen. I'll definitely be watching it next week to see how it progresses. For all my looking forward to Pushing Daisies, I've yet to see either of the two new episodes! But I will. Dirty Sexy Money was good and soapy/trashy, although I miss the girl twin. Brian Darling is my new favorite. He's so interesting -- a wonderful example of someone who is unpleasant yet sympathetic. (jealous, petty, vengeful in ways that are only occasionally successful, loyal, sarcastic, yet sometimes surprisingly generous.)

october weather

(back to the weather, and pictures) The weather is shifting all around, which I guess is typical for the time of year, but still feels like some kind of trick. When I left for the park this morning, it was overcast but not raining.

october weather

Then there was some blue sky! Most of the trees are still green, but as you can see some are red already.

october weather

I wish the green looked as green in this picture as it did in reality. I suppose I could sweeten the color, but that seems like a lot of work. You'll just have to take my word for it. I loved how these delicate greener than they look leaves contrasted against the bright but grey sky.

october weather

This was my favorite picture today. Crazy clouds!

october weather

But still some sun. Shortly after I got home it started raining and pretty much stayed raining the rest of the day.
More exciting weather reports as conditions warrant. Now I'm going to go bonk myself on the head and Time Travel/Or Is She Crazy? to the land of sleep.
5 comments on "song about the weather"
  1. I love your fall photos! I also found the evil cloud photo to be my favorite.
    I have a vcr that seems to have a love/hate relationship with me so even though I taped Dirty it ended up recording all dirty so I was unable to watch it.
    I also lost channel 8 and 12 last evening so, well, no Office for me until today when I watched on the other idiot box.

  2. Beautiful photos. Especially the first. Thanks for posting them and starting my day off with a smile.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about my photos you guys!

    BBD - my VCR does not behave for me either! although I'm beginning to think that I just really want a DVR, so I blame the VCR for my own button pushing ineptitude. (not that this is the case for you! I just had to share my "My VCR Hates Me" anecdote.)

  4. I think a DVR would be helpful for me as well but I think I should get an adult sized television first. Maybe cable? I need to get into the 20th century already!
    I think my vcr does hate me though really. There is only one tape I can use that isn't all scratchy and evil...maybe the vcr is possessed?


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