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Thursday, October 30, 2008
pink ink

Here is the crazy truth: I am weirdly optimistic right now. Not just about election things (knock wood), but about LIFE IN GENERAL. I'm digging this sensation, but it is totally surprising to me! On paper, I should either be really depressed or blithely unconcerned (depending on if I'm wearing my WOE! or woah! glasses), but instead I feel sort of blithely concerned. It's not all rose petals and baklava, but it's not hair shirts and tofurkey jerky either. (due respect to tofurkey jerky lovers, but it gives me a terrible rash.)

My Free Will Astrology horoscope this week hit me in just the right spot -- particularly the part about the person I'll be in five years. Normally I think that kind of speculation is not particularly useful, but right now it strikes me as very creative: the birth of something bigger and better than I previously allowed myself to imagine.

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past," said Thomas Jefferson. It might feel a bit unnatural to live as if that were your motto, Cancerian, but I hope you'll try it for a while. Here's the experiment I propose: Whenever you have a spare moment, visualize a pleasurable and interesting scene you would like to create for yourself in the future. If a fearful image pops into your mind as you do that, imagine yourself rolling that image up into a ball and throwing it into a roaring fire. Meanwhile, any time your attention begins to wander off in the direction of the old days and old ways, pounce on it and redirect it into a vision of a fulfillment to come. Halloween costume suggestion: the person you'll be five years from now.

A note about the invisible ink in the photo: it totally works! I went through a brief glass pen obsession phase and saw the invisible ink at the art supply store... so of course I had to get some because HOW COULD I NOT?! I can't remember if this ink fades again once it cools off. I think it does. I hope it does, because that is, of course, way cooler. I will have to dig out a glass pen and give it a test.
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