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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Tonight I did the smartest thing I've done in a week -- I took an actual pill designed for actual migraines to treat the headache that had spread to all muscles in my upper body. I'm still weirdly clenchy, but my headache's gone! Anyway. I got good news/ bad news about my job, which has lead to a bumpy 24 hours. More on that later -- I just got rid of the headache and don't want to push my luck.

and now, some pictures so this isn't quite so short:

chestunt time again

Last year someone made my fall by leaving perfectly centered chestnuts on top of all the pillars surrounding the off-leash dog area of the park. They're back! it made me so happy to see these, I can't even tell you. In not making my fall news, someone broke off one of the crucial pieces of bark that I was using to support leaf-bouquets in my tree. Maybe it wasn't deliberate, maybe it just fell off (although I don't think so) -- at any rate, the chestnuts made up for it. Breaking off that bark has forced me to expand my program, so if whoever (and maybe it was some really fat delinquent squirrel and not someone with malicious intent) was hoping I'd quit, they are out of luck.

I'm not really sure what this is about. Arboreal potluck after dark? Would a tree use a fork? I don't know. Some things we are not meant to know.

let's discover puppets
one of the many books I did not buy at the Friends of the Library book sale a couple of weekends ago.
2 comments on "whipping around, briefly up briefly down"
  1. Friends don't let friends even OPEN books about puppets.

  2. oh, I opened it!

    (I will leave the line drawings of earnest 70's homeschoolers putting on puppet shows to your imagination.)


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