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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
just a quarter!

My pity party is mostly over! My brain has (thankfully) moved into "well, how about this?" stage and out of the melodramatic metaphors for my failures and disappointments stage. It's just as well I wasn't blogging during the MMFMFaDS, since most of those were bulwer-lyton worthy. (NYQUIL, I kid you not. I was pleased with it, which is even worse!)

More soon -- in the interim, here's an exciting high tide video I took with my little pocket camera at the beach. (this was with stairs safely behind me. I could have taken a much more dramatic and exciting video when I was stranded on some rocks due to critical miscalculations about how fast the ocean moves (FAST) -- but I was flapping around too much to turn my camera on.)

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  1. this video is also [insert more timely and less cliched variation on "awesome] also


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