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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
afternoon daffodil

Pajamas make Jehovah's Witnesses move faster. Pajamas at 10:30 AM, anyway. I heard a bang bang banging at my front door - I thought 'TIS UPS AND NOTHING MORE. (UPS/Fedex doesn't care if you come to the door in an extra tall experimental turban or pajamas or whatever.) But no! It was an old white guy in a stetson hat wearing a big belt buckle and an even bigger gut, holding a stack of tracts and dealing some fast, no eye-contact patter about something big happening on Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY. This was without a doubt the quickest JW meeting I've ever had. It's a pajamas miracle! (Because I'm not a door slammer even when people are selling something I'm not interested in, it's usually hard to get away without at least a little awkward chitchat while they attempt to determine if my immortal soul is up for grabs.)

ANYWAY. Today was so gorgeous! it was sunny and 70 degrees and I'm glad I enjoyed it while it was here because now it's raining. I took these pictures this afternoon around 5pm when the sun hit just the right spot. I had to roll around on the ground to get to proper daffodil level, which on the one hand was great because the grass was just mowed and it was a beautiful sunny day, but on the other hand was somewhat awkward because there was a boring man taking a boring interminable phone call on the sidewalk. I thought GO AWAY with all my might, but he outlasted me. Not before I got these, though.

daffodil in the afternoon
4 comments on "exactly what to wear"
  1. Beautiful photos full of beauty! Interesting about the pajamas. If someone knocks at the door it just depends on how I am feeling if I walk that 6.5 feet to open up. Usually I will, but last week I just couldn't be bothered and wouldn't you know I had a Watchtower waiting for me when I finally went outside? Hallelujah!

  2. Heh heh. I will remember the pajama trick.

    The photos are amazing.

  3. Thank you, thank you.

    I wish I could ignore the door! I've gotten so much better about not answering the phone if I don't feel like it, but somehow that hasn't carried over to the door. I wish it would, since if someone's at the door they usually want something. Bah.

  4. If I don't answer the door I feel like I should crouch against the door or lay on the floor, that somehow I should be hiding. I am not sure where that loony impulse comes from.


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