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Sunday, March 21, 2010
colored pencils
Happy Spring! Yesterday (first day of spring) was AMAZING. More on that soon. There were peacocks.

I think I'm at the last stages of this neverending cold. Woo! I'm to the part where my brain is more or less operational, but still marinating in snot. (I know this is gross, but sometimes the truth is gross.) Anyway - along with many crumpled tissues comes a weird kind of focus, which I used to get some etsy stuff done that I've been putting off forever.

domino project
My etsy expectations are limited: I sell things on there to fund my paypal account, which I use to buy things on etsy - mostly gifts, but stuff for me too. Since I've released myself from the burden of "developing a brand" and "search engine optimization" and so on, I make things when I have time or feel like it, then take pictures when I have time or feel like it. Lots of people have done very ambitious things using etsy, but it takes a lot more work than I'm willing to do. This was a relief to realize! I think I'm warped from all my years working in the craft industry - it's hard to break that "can I sell it?" mindset, which I find really limiting to the creative process, especially when I want to make something weird. Not that I think these little magnets are particularly weird, but I like making them because despite using rubber stamps, no two are alike. I also like the small size, which limits how fussy I can be.

colored pencils
The craft industry mindset that I'm talking about is one that makes it hard to make ONE NECKLACE to wear instead of developing a whole bunch of them and some kind of assembly line process to put them together. Does that make any sense? I think I'm finally working my way out of that particular bramble. I know I want to do more sewing (FOR ME) and maybe get out some supplies and start making a necklace a week just to see what happens. I have a lot of supplies, but my taste has changed quite a bit since I acquired most of them. It could be interesting.

domino project
I have a lot of respect for people who do pursue their etsy ambitions - there are so many talented people selling on the internet! It's just not where I want to put the focus of my creative work right now. So much of craft success on the internet is marketing and that's not where my strength or interest lies AT ALL. I'm a craft dabbler and that's okay.

colored pencils
boy, do I like taking pictures of colored pencils!

domino project
Hey, we can pretend that determined woman above is Nancy Pelosi, pushing through legislation! Congratulations and thank you, Speaker Pelosi for pushing on healthcare reform. It's not perfect, but this uninsured taxpayer appreciates the bill as a good place to start.

colored pencils
green pencils for spring!
5 comments on "springtime color, sunday report"
  1. I love that you love taking pictures of colored pencils. This day has been drab drab drab and you brought some much needed color into it. Thank you, thank you vury much!

  2. Yay! I'm glad they cheered you up. They cheer me up, too - I always delay putting them away because I love looking at them so much.

  3. I know that Erich has some colored pencils around here somewhere that I should I put out. Now I have to be brave and figure out which box to start with. That...should be fun.

  4. Aw lawdy doo. When you write that you STILL have this darn bug I just came down with two nights ago, I lose heart. Though one of my drugs has dulled the symptoms (and made me dizzy), at least momentarily. I hate spring colds the worst. Missing all the loveliness yesterday, inside feeling miserable.
    But, as Daniel says, your pics today are a treat.I love the shots of the colored pencils and of course the dominoes. Those look really good, in that scale! Yay! you, soldiering on, despite the snot.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Patty. I hope you're feeling better!


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