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Monday, March 01, 2010
Happy March!

spring update: it smells. FRAGRANT would be a better word, probably - violets are sweet, daffodils are delicate, the heavily scented hyacinths haven't opened yet - once they do nothing else really has a chance scentwise, unless you remove them to a hyacinth-free zone. It also smells like rain and dirt even when the sun is shining. (I LOVE SPRING.) There are buds on everything. The birds are losing their tiny minds.

And now for some random (but awesome) things:

I've been obsessed with the aurora borealis lately, so I was extra happy to see this post (via Poppytalk). I would love to see the northern lights one day. My friend Blondie says that when she lived in Alaska her neighbors had a phone tree to alert people to the lights. Have you ever seen them? Details, please!

This video is a down the rabbit hole stop motion beauty (via:Scherenschnitte):

Costume party! This video is sweet and silly, which goes along nicely with the melancholy sweetness of the song. Can you remain heartbroken with a pasted-on heavy metal mustache? WATCH AND SEE.

3 comments on "march on(e)"
  1. I dont read too many of these blogs but I very much enjoyed yours Ta, enjoy the spring.

  2. A cynosure of stop-action perfection. Particularly liking the "Oh, yes, of course I am also a mermaid" moment.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Chris!

    mernitman: The mermaid was my favorite! Well, maybe tied with the tree that came right after.


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