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Sunday, March 14, 2010
These pictures are from a walk to the park on March 4th. My paternal grandfather was born on the 4th - he always used to tell us that it was the only date that was also a command. MARCH FORTH. (he was also, among many other things, a gold medal flirt and an encyclopedia salesman. I suspect one contributed to the success of the other.)

spring sky
Is it weird to admit that I prefer walking when it's kind of raining and a little cold? It justifies wearing a jacket, which means I have a pocket for my camera.

spring sky
I used to try and frame pictures with no power lines showing, but I've decided now that I kind of like them.

spring sky
QUESTION: Will it rain with sharp needle raindrops? Will the sun shine? Will there be mist?
ANSWER: probably.

streetside daffodils
You can't really tell in this picture, but these daffodils are INCHES AWAY from a very busy street. I like that about them. There they are, doing their daffodil thing (being yellow, nodding to passerby, cheering all but the blackest hearts) right next to rushing traffic. These are front line daffodils! Sure, they're in a garden bed, but it's not in the safe zone! It's out where the action is happening - photosynthesizing in front of THE BUS. Top that, pampered daphne in the back yard.

spring frame
This was at the end of my street on my way home - I almost fainted it was so pretty. (this is a LIE. I didn't faint or almost faint, but I did catch my breath and sort of jump around a little like I bumped into an electric fence.)

spring sky

pink frame
This was less than 30 seconds and 5 feet from the previous picture. I love that crazy flat grey! The sky moves fast - It goes from glum to glorious, from rain to radiant, from blah blah to bleep bleep in NO TIME FLAT.
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