briefly snow

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Thursday, December 20, 2012
little bit of snow

it didn't snow for more than a half hour or so at my house - it was so pretty while it lasted.

downy woodpecker
this handsome fellow came to visit. Turns out, he's a total jackass. There were some bushtits (tiny, tiny birds that travel in flocks) who were eating from the same suet feeder and he chased them all off. When they tried to come back he took a bite out of someone and had a mouth full of feathers.

one of these birds ended the morning with a bald spot somewhere. (bushtits along with a chestnut-backed chickadee)

downy woodpecker
And here is the lady woodpecker - I didn't notice her being a jerk to anyone, although to be fair nobody really came around while she took her turn. The bird feeders have been a lot of fun so far this fall/winter.
3 comments on "briefly snow"
  1. Those bushtits can be real peckerwoods!

  2. ha ha! I KNOW!

    (that's what they're really called!)

  3. (I'm not just making it up, is what I meant to add to that parenthetical.)


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