sincere transmissions from outer space

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Saturday, December 01, 2012
christmas at the grotto

Beck's cover of The Flamingos classic "I Only Have Eyes For You" came out in the summer as part of a larger art project. I listened to it over and over in the warmer months and then it fell into an ipod black hole as these things (songs! meaningful experiences! good intentions!) do.  I'm so glad that my obsessive search for album art in iTunes 11 has brought the song back to me. I love that Beck's version  manages somehow to be lush and intimate while at the same time sounding like it's being broadcast from the galaxy's loneliest space station: is it the slow dance at prom in a time travel movie or an astronaut's hallucination?  Any story I try to assign gets the same result: achingly romantic. There's no ironic distance - this is sincere, straight-up, plainly stated, emotionally felt, and directly expressed in words, vibraphone, and shabop-shabops. And one assumes coordinated dance moves.

1 comment on "sincere transmissions from outer space"
  1. The music of time. Older music just have sense compared to these days.


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