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Monday, December 17, 2012
winter trees
Trees make me feel better. I think these clouds look either like they have cellulite or that they've curdled slightly, but somehow it works for them.  Curdle on in style, my friends!

winter trees
Ghost tree. (Love this one - this is shooting directly into the sun.)

winter trees
this one seems friendlier, which I'm sure is due to the color and the fact that it's reaching out a bunch of leaves like it wants to shake your hand. (I would be scared out of my wits within SECONDS if I was ever lost after dark in a spooky fairy tale forest.)

winter trees

winter trees
Shadow puppet. I'm not sure what animal it's meant to be, but that's definitely an eye in the middle.

winter trees
a series of tubes.

winter trees
elephant trunk

winter trees
Ghost tree #2: Mossy Style
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