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Monday, December 03, 2012
summer dark

I waited too long to get started on today's post, so here's a picture I took in the summer. (well, A summer, not this summer.) It was in the teeeeny tiny town in Illinois where my uncle lives when he's not living in India. It's literally in the middle of a corn (field? grove? acres? expanse? I don't know what the official term is. But thinking about it, it must be field, right?)

ANYWAY. This was from the back yard and I like the gold of the light against the black of the shadows and the dark blue of the sky.


If you celebrate Christmas, are you feeling it yet? I'm having a hard time drumming up any holiday spirit, but then I think "Jen, it's only December 3rd. Chill out." That's the thought I'm going to sleep on tonight.

1 comment on "out of season"
  1. I was just thinking yesterday that about now is when I usually start feeling the holiday blues. This year it's been noticably absent. Not sure if I'm behind schedule or if it's just because I was very proactive about doing a lot of pre-planning with the mood enhancing festivities. So far, I am enjoying it, though.


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