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Friday, January 28, 2005
On one of the forums I read a discussion of the NIN song The Perfect Drug came up. Mostly it boiled down to how the song was cool, but maybe it was really the video that was cool. I became obsessed. I had seen the video once or twice way back when and suddenly needed to see it again. All I could remember was that it was all indigo and chartreuse, hedge maze, absinth, freaky spooky house, freaky spooky kid, Trent Reznor engaging in dramatic moping, two mysterious veiled women... ok, I really just remembered that it was "cool and spooky." In the forum there was mention made of how the video was an homage to Edward Gorey, which I also vaguely remembered and made me even more obsessed. I love Edward Gorey (side note: he was a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan). Via AIM my sister and I finally found an online copy of the video on the director's website. Mark Romanek directed this one, and it turns out several other videos that I really liked (and he has them all on his site! yay!).

So, if indigo-chartreuse-spooky-Edward-Gorey-homage-look-Trent-Reznor-is upset-again-video sounds good to you, check it out right here.

2 comments on "Perfect Drug"
  1. ...was one of the greatest videos EVER, I'd say, and if you want some more Romanek fun, go pick up the Romanek DVD from the "Directors Label DVD Series," which also has "Closer" and Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and other goodies ("Devil's Haircut," Jenster!).

  2. Wow! 2005 blog entries are like a TIME MACHINE!! Back in 2005, Mark Romanek still had his videos on his website and there was no such thing as the Director's series DVDs. Or at least not his. That being said, I agree!! I just got the Director's Series from the library recently and really loved it -- particularly the ones that you mention. (although I got kind of hung up on a Perfect Drug/Devil's Haircut/Closer loop and did not watch every single video on the DVD.)

    Now I want a hedge maze.


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