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Thursday, January 06, 2005
So, I busted out the iCal after the new year in an effort to be more purposeful and productive in 2005. 2004, (I first typed 2--4, I should have left it because 2004 was like a dirty word)2004, you sucked. I am trying to keep expectations low for 2005, but I remain optimistic. Anyway, back to iCal I think it will be tremendously useful because when I get spinning my wheels the most, I usually just really need to focus. This program lets me do that without being TOO obsessive. I haven't quite figured out the correct amount of to do listing yet, though. Somewhere between having a check mark for every glass of water I drink, and "survive until 2006".

In shallow Alias news, they need to figure out a way for Rick Yune to be on every week. yowza.

I have some predictable thoughts on Veronica Mars, Alias, and Lost - but they will have to wait for another time. My To Do list is telling me I need to still answer some email and put away all of my CDs before I go to bed.
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