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Monday, January 03, 2005
The year of the rooster! My year! I hope so, anyway. For 2005 I am trying to shake off the mantle of inertia that has kept me within a 100 mile radius of my house for 365 days! OK, I did do a little bit of travel, but it was all in state. How sad is that? SAD!

So, that being said, I am trying to actually DO the things I keep thinking I will do. I have gone through my closets and jettisoned all the non-fitters, out-of-stylers, and otherwise repellant to me now clothing. I have even gone through my t-shirt drawer, which was quite an undertaking. So - my motto for 2005 is Get Off Your Lazy Ass.

We'll see how it goes! Today's tasks - clean off desk, update address book (so I can throw away all those scraps of paper with names and phone numbers), take the 4 garbage bags of rejected clothing to goodwill. That should be doable. I am also trying to squeeze in the CD project, but that's almost done so it shouldn't be a problem.

More on books, movies, television, comics and all the other things I love so much later.
1 comment on "2005, baybee"
  1. Good luck with GOYLA!! I'm on a similar project for 2005 and so far it's going quite swimmingly. Here's to momentum!


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