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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
I'm making a floor cloth for my bedroom. It was on my list of things to get done, or at least mostly done, in January. So far all I have to show for it is three blisters on my right hand, and a giant pink piece of canvas. But it will get better, for I have bandaids and more paint.

Blondie showed me how to make a floor cloth out of painter's canvas drop cloth, and leftover latex paint. hooray! I have made two prior to this one, so I am hoping to coast by on just left-overs for this project. It is so easy, it isn't even funny. Basically, you just keep applying layer after layer of paint until the canvas resembles a piece of linoleum. You can use whatever weird/crappy colors of paint you may have laying around for the build up coats, and then use the paint you want to show for the last layer. Top with a water-based varnish/top coat, and you're done! The trick is that it takes a lot of paint, and if you want it to lay down reasonably well you really need to paint both sides. I ended up making the second (smaller) one that I did reversable.

I am trying using a dense foam roller instead of a brush. At first I thought it was brilliant since it gets the paint down in the fibers better than a plain old paintbrush would do - but now I am wondering if it is delivering enough paint. If maybe I wouldn't have quite so many blisters if i just used a paintbrush. Once this coat dries, I may switch and see. another exciting day in projectville.
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