mysterious sylvan whisperings

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Monday, January 24, 2005
Right now I'm reading What's The Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won The Heart Of America by Thomas Frank. It is fascinating so far, and I will say a little more about it once I'm further in. I didn't want to forget and miss out on the chance to quote this little excerpt, though. Frank's writing style is engaging, but packed. He combines an enthusiastic love of words to topics that could, quite honestly, be very dry. Here's a small example that I had to use because of the phrase "mysterious sylvan whisperings." This is in reference to a fancy-schmancy part of Kansas City.

When I discovered that Mission Hills had been laid out by the same landscape architects responsible for River Oaks in Houston, home of Ken Lay and other Enron execs, I began to suspect that tastefully wooded lawns were some how the culprit, turning good men bad with their mysterious sylvan whisperings.

The rest of the chapter talks about how Kansas's homestead laws make it possible for bankrupt and jailed execs (embezzlers, frauds, tax evaders, etc.) to maintain ownership of these mansions even after they've declared bankruptcy. It really is interesting, I promise.
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