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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
I have made strides toward one of my first GOYLA 2005 goals (Get Off Your Lazy Ass): I have made progress in my re-write of 2003 nano. I printed it out, was able to read all but the last 30 or so pages (oh, Lord! So bad!), and have outlined what sounds like a good idea for going forward. I am sure once I am in the midst of it, it will seem like a less good idea. That's just the way it goes, though - I'd rather go forward with a less-brilliant plan than sit around and wait for the perfect idea to drop out of the sky into my brain. That's the beauty of GOYLA. Just do it any old way you can, and worry about making it pretty/perfect later on.

Prince is singing The Beautiful Ones in my iPod. I have a feeling he never has to GOYLA, because he is lacking the LA factor. But we can't all be Prince!
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