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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Ok, that is definitely a little dramatic for the following, but I'm fine with that. First, I should probably explain that I am an observer by nature. Observer, rather than participant, to clarify. There are a few web forums that I have followed off and on for a few years (since Salon's Tabletalk days, actually). It's called lurking, and although I feel I am a benevolent lurker it is still a little strange to be in a position of knowing so much about people who know nothing at all about me. Maybe one day, but maybe not.

Flickr is the first website that I have actually worked up the nerve to participate in. I signed up for Flickr because I wanted free hosting for my garden pictures for a garden blog. Over (a very short) time, Flickr became far more important to me than the garden journal, although I imagine it will eventually level out. (It is a great site by the way, and very easy and friendly to use. You should try it, if you haven't already). The point of all of this is reading the blog of a poster in a forum I follow (see how convoluted!) she mentioned the blog of one of my flickr contacts. It is sort of strange and circular and makes me wonder if the internet is self-selecting in a way. That even if I hadn't lurked here or there that I would still end up in proximity to certian people because of shared interests, tastes, and inclinations.

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