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Thursday, August 11, 2005
It's not spamming if it's all to my own blog, right? hee. I made this mix back in March or April and it passed its probationary period because I still like it. This time around I tried to put a link with most of the songs - maybe just info, maybe a link to the song.

Picture Book - the Kinks - I will admit that I heard this in that HP commercial. I could tell it was the Kinks, but I didn't know which song, which album. Fortunately my not-so-extensive searching led me immediately to The Kinks Are The Village Green Society which is all around excellent. And has this song on it. Woo! pictures of your mama from a long time ago

Sing For Me - the Fiery Furnaces I love this - it is all tinkly Liberace-style piano and then some epic sea-faring story over the top. It (of course) sounds better than I make it sound. The waves were pounding the dock; the pillars creak and growl. /The shoreman loading up the stock; the gulls were crying foul./
Sing for me, my daughter, sing for me.
Fiery Furnaces fan site.

Waltz - Fiona Apple Free Fiona! I really love this song, which I have already gushed on at length about before. No I don't believe in the wasting of time/ but I don't believe that I'm wasting mine I wonder if the neighbors got a calliope instead of a woodchipper what my charmed to annoyed ratio would be over time. hmmmm. Maybe it would be better if I made *them* ask that question.

God Slick - Hank Words pretty much fail me for this song. It is completely off the wall, but completely joyful sounding even though it comes from an album called "How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years" I've got a rubicon/ I've got a rubicon (hey baby, come on come on). They've got a bunch of songs (including this one) available at their website. I think I got this song from fluxblog, although Spoilt Victorian Child has a bit on them as well.

Mostly Untitled - Oliver Ignatius - I love this crazy nasal song! I think I got this over at Music (for robots). when he lets you down/ darlin' I'll be around/ and I'll want you. I especially love the Beatle-y harmonies at the end.

Built For Speed - Stray Cats - Rockabilly car song. Here I come in my '57, she's a real low rider/ paint perfection/ with her custom engine painted black with flames/ ain't nobody gonna call that hot rod tame/ wooo oooh hooo hoo oooh oooh hoo hoo (can you appreciate the lengths I go to? I am sitting here rewinding the iPod so I can count ooooh's) This song has stand up bass, and sass! You're my hot roddin' mama and you're really built for speed This is a good one for singing along with the oooh oooh's.

Sweepstakes Prize - Mirah - I heard this one on 3hive and made a friend go get it too. It is a very sweet song from a girl to her sweetheart. Everybody sees a funny look in our eyes/ because we already know we won the sweepstakes prize. It is all squeaky early 90's acoustic guitar at the start, but it builds and sounds classic and fresh at the same time. Bonus: 3hive has four of her songs!

Sally's Song - London After Midnight Another cover from Copy, right? which is an mp3 blog devoted to covers. This song maintains the mournful wheezy hurdy gurdy sound of the original. In fact, it sounds just about exactly like the original except it is a dude singing instead of poor Sally The Doll. I like it a lot.

Well, Alright - Buddy Holly I am pretty sure I got this over at Spoilt Victorian Child, which is a great and ecclectic mp3 blog. The Buddy Holly worked well with the acoustic guitar AND the rockabilly. Plus I think Buddy Holly is awesome and often overlooked and dismissed because everybody knows a few of his songs. (which are freaking great).

Indefinitely - Old 97's - Old 97's I love thee! the redwoods and the oak trees and the double yellow lines/ although they're in perfect symmetry, they keep imperfect time./ I don't mean no/ I don't mean maybe/ I'm in definitely, I'm in definitelyyyyyy I like the word play and all around general playfulness in this song. And then there's the crazy marimba or whatever that is in the background. woo! I am an increasingly unreasonable Old 97's fangirl. time is going to tell your little secrets to me...

glowworm - Apples in Stereo - this CD (Fun Trick Noisemaker) was one of my finds at the library CD sale. I love this song! So jaunty, so lalalaful. I read on the internet that "this is the happiest music ever! you cannot be in a bad mood when you listen to the Apples In Stereo." and I agree!!

She don't use jelly - Flaming Lips This song sounds like it comes from outer space, so it is the perfect song to follow Glowworm (which ends with a spacey radio bit). I like this song because it allows me to sing loudly and tunelessly along with words like Vaseline, Tangerines, Magazines, etc. And if I turn it up loud enough (it sounds best that way) nobody can even tell. I know a girl who reminds me of Cher/ she's always changing the color of her hair/ but she don't use nothing that you buy at the store/ she likes her hair to be real orange/ she uses Tangerines, Tangerines, Taaangerines, Taaaaaaaaaaaaangerines

Us Amazonians - Kirsty MacColl this comes off of the excellent Tropical Brainstorm CD. It's very tropical, and I'll admit I was charmed by the idea of the song protagonist clubbing a guy over the head and dragging him back to her hut. Us Amazonian's make out all right, but we want something to hold in the forest at night

Sister Kate - The Ditty Bops - this is a great old old-timey song (opposed to some of the great NEW old-timey songs there on the Ditty Bops CD). It's fun. So is their website. Who can resist the call to shake it like a bowl of jelly on a plate? Not me, not you, not Beyonce.

You Are Never Nice To Me - BR5-49 This BR5-49 came off of the CD titled Big Backyard Beat Show, which should help indicate its twangy nature. You're the purtiest thing I've ever seen/ but you are never nice to me I have determined that I am pretty much a sucker for a stand up bass, plus this song is just lots of fun. And goes well with Built for Speed

I Saw A Cop - Jill Sobule I kind of put this on for my sister because she likes to drive fast. Also, it is handclap-happy...and is that cowbell I hear? Why, yes, I think it is. Plus lyrics like she shot me with her radar gun/ she looked like Angie Dickenson make it hard to resist. Jill Sobule should be more popular. Her website has mp3's and some good content, but is not the easiest to navigate. Patience leads to rewards, is all I'm saying!

Give Me some Money - Gories - Hee hee! This one makes me laugh and laugh. It is a Spinal Tap cover. Actually, a cover of one of the pre-Tap bands from the movie. Hilarious. Surprisingly fun and garagey. Don't get me wrong/ Try gettin' me right. / your face is OK, but your purse is too tight (give me some money)/ I'm looking for pound notes, loose change, blank checks, anything (give me some money)/ give me some money hee hee hee.

Apple Blossom - The White Stripes Jack White has a knack. He can sing things that someone else could try and I would be rolling my eyes forever. But not him. Ahem. Anyway - Lots of girls walk around in tears/ but that's not for you/ you've been looking all around for years/ for someone to tell your troubles to./ Come and sit with me and talk awhile/ let me see your pretty little smile/ put your troubles in a little pile/ and I will sort 'em out for you. It sounds like it could be an old song that they resurrected, but that's sort of the White Stripes' magic touch.

Girigiri Surf Rider - Halcali Mostly in Japanese - relentlessly cheerful and vaguely surf-y. (it's happy, but not like the bone happy that Glowworm is - if I had a headache, this song might make me kill someone. But without a headache is it super fun!) It causes much chair dancing. I think I got this one off of Fluxblog.
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