Roadside Potter Reading

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Roadside Potter Reading
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Saltoricco, who took this picture, says in his caption that this was at about 2am.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling - #26 - either it's already been said, or I don't want to say it because I know a couple of people who might read this haven't read the book yet. So... that Harry Potter. Some phenomenon, right? Actually, that brings up my conflicting HP feelings. On the one hand, every word is not gold, people! There are big long boring parts, (especially in the one before this one - oh, lordy) there are some really facile characterizations, blah blah blah. JKR did NOT invent the children's fantasy novel, nor is she the only thing holding civilization back from being completely illiterate.

On the other hand - take a look at the picture along with this post. I love this picture - I relate to this picture. Not for HP, but for other books when I was that age. I couldn't wait to rip into them. She's giving that to kids. Huzzah! And she's never said that she's the only thing holding civilization back from being completely illiterate. That's the spin of the jackhole media looking for some new angle on how the earth is doomed. I've read interviews with JKR and she seems like a lovely person. So, my new motto is to love the playa, hate the game. I like the HP books because they entertain me, and because they really entertain and enrapture their target audience. In closing, let me say "yay books!"

PS: I also really like the buzz that comes around a new release ... everyone waiting, parties at midnight, etc. It makes me think it must sort of be like when people were waiting for a new installment of their favorite serial novel.

PPS: I also really wish that they had waited to film the movies until the series was finished. I know JKR has categorically stated that the movies make no difference in the books, yet...
Perhaps I am too cynical.
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