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Saturday, August 06, 2005
Today turned out nothing like I imagined it would, which is both OK and par for the course. Instead of diligently cleaning up the enormous mess I made working on my last project, or even doing laundry after the trip, I instead went over to Blondie's house to look at the new finish she put on some furniture and help her with some computer stuff. Then, when I surely should have come home to do the cleaning and etc. she said "come see this lamp store with me." So I did. It was the Hi-iH over on NE Alberta (which despite being very close to where I live, I never seem to get to). I liked the lamps a lot. The website doesn't really do them justice - they are more MORE than what shows in the (sort of crappy) photos. My favorite lamps were the ones with botanical or sea shapes. Some of them looked simultaneously sweet and sinister, which is not an easy combination, but they managed it.

In other news, I sent an email to the lovely A Dress A Day site, and she used what I sent her! Hooray! I may have to try more of this internet communication stuff.

In other, other news - I am mildly addicted to Flickr's new explore feature. There are some really phenomenal photographers posting to that website.

and to tie it all up with a non sequitur, I finished Harry Potter VI today. More on that later.
3 comments on "other, other news"
  1. Very cool! I saw what you sent (I'm reasonably certain) but what's the G for?

  2. Ha! My middle initial! I emailed her from a secondary address that is me but not me - if that makes any sense. I set it up a long time ago to use for signing up for things online and didn't want to use my primary email address or my whole name. It seems silly spelled out like this, but it made sense at the time (which was very late at night).

  3. It makes total sense - I'm very protective of my email accounts and have one that I give out and one that I never do! Funny thing is, they both get spam. Although the giving-out one more so. Spam filters are pretty good it seems these days, though.


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