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Thursday, August 04, 2005
I am trapped at my desk. Busby the cat is under the chair being cute and pathetic after trauma at the vet yesterday. (the trauma was merely getting there - despite spending the first life-saving, non-stray hours of his kittenhood in a car driving from Fresno to Portland, he is not a big fan of the cat carrier OR the car ride.) So here I sit until I can't take it anymore and make him move. Maybe he'll hear a noise and leave on his own. Anyway...

I am as far on my freelance project as I can get without leaving my desk (hooray!), I am at the wrong computer to finish uploading my pictures from vacation, so I will just sit here for a moment and contemplate my Free Will Astrology horoscope. These never seem like actual horoscopes, but more like weekly riddles to ponder over the course of seven days - sort of like good advice given in long-form fortune cookie style. The last sentence of mine this week says For best results, be as dispassionate as a Buddhist monk and as brave as a drunk without actually getting drunk. It's pretty good advice. I am definitely behind in the bravery stakes, although I think I may be too dispassionate already. After my inadvertent whirlwind light house tour over the weekend I am enamored with the idea of living in a light house right on the ocean, which seems a little anti-social, even to me. It's the coastal equivalent of the Hermit Cave/Hut. (but light house living in the age of electricity, wireless internet, and tsunami alerts would be So Cool). If not a light house, at least a tower house, or a house with a very tall tower in it. On the beach. I guess I am saying that the light is optional, although I suppose it would be handy to make sure that a big ship doesn't crash into my house.

ION, Flickr has introduced a bunch of groovy new ways to find amazing pictures. Check it out.
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